ENDOSAFE, Let’s automate the filtration of surgical fumes

Yes, thanks to its universal Luer Lock connector.

No, ENDOSAFE (filter + tubing) is disposable.

HUBSAFE allows to automate the filtration and evacuation of surgical fumes and is a reusable device.

HUBSAFE automatically evacuates surgical fumes at a flow rate of up to 12l/min as soon as the generator (monopolar, bipolar, ultrasonic, thermofusion) is in operation.

ENDOSAFE guarantees smoke filtration performance for up to 8 hours.

Yes ENDOSAFE filters all viruses and bacteria thanks to its ULPA filter.

ENDOSAFE has been certified by an independant test lab. (see graph).

Yes, thanks to its HUBSAFE housing, which ensures a flow rate of filtration and evacuation of surgical fumes up to 12l/min.