filtration des fumées chirurgicales

Our medical device : HUBSAFE

HUBSAFE is an innovative medical device that automates the filtration and the evacuation of surgical fumes, regardless of the type of energy used (monopolar, bipolar, ultrasound, thermofusion).


The fumes are filtered thanks to the ENDOSAFE filtration capsule. It traps viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as toluene, benzene and acetone.


The capsule is easy to install thanks to its universal Luer Lock connector.


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In a will of transparency, SMICES collaborated with an independent organism to bring you convincing results, as well on the filtration of viruses and bacteria as on the filtration of Volatile Organic Components (VOC).


ENDOSAFE filters almost all VOCs and 99,9995% of the bacteria and viruses present in surgical fumes.


Thanks to our device, operating room staff can operate in complete safety.


” One gram of tissue coagulated for 15 min can cause harm equal to 60 cigarettes”


HOGLAN Study 1995

” A single ventilation system in the operating room does not prevent the emission of fumes “


OKOSHI study 2014

” The fumes generated in laparoscopy released by the valves of the trocars are more concentrated and go further, exposing operating room medical staff to high concentration of smokes”


OKOSHI Study 2014

” The fumes from electrocoagulation produce 2.6 times more mutagenicity than cigarettes”


TOMITA Study 1977

Why should you choose HUBSAFE ?

Protection and safety



HUBSAFE protects and safeguards the entire operating room staff and patients from the hazards of surgical fumes caused by tissue cauterization. Thanks to our solution, surgical teams can breathe healthy air, free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


The use of the HUBSAFE also provides better visibility of the surgical site.




HUBSAFE automatically evcuates surgical fumes at a flow rate of 6L, 9L or 12L/min as soon as the generator (monopolar, bipolar, ultrasound or thermofusion) is running.

Thanks to the automation of the HUBSAFE, the CO2 consumption during the procedures is reasonable.

Our device is also equipped with a manual mode to evacuate the pneumoperitoneum at the end of the surgery.

Optimal filtration of the surgical fumes


Our ENSODAFE filter is composed of :

A water trap allowing to capture the water steam containing viruses and bacteria,

An ULPA filter with a very high filtration efficiency of 99,9995% according to the EN1822-1 standard,

Activated carbon for optimal filtration of VOCs.

ENDOSAFE ensures the efficiency of fumes filtration up to 8 hours.

HUBSAFE and ENSOSAFE are Made In France and comply with the current European Union standards.

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