SMICES has been nominated laureate of the 2019 project proposal organized by the French Agency of biomedecine

Organ grafts and tissues collection constitute an historical purpose of the French Agency of Biomedicine, in line with the work done by the French Institute of Grafts from which it derives from. Its actions in this field are various. The French Agency of Biomedicine has to deal with, among its missions, the promotion of the medical and scientific research related to its areas of expertise (Article L. 1418-1-3° of the French public health code). In this purpose, the financial budget of the organization includes specific fellowships meant to support studies and research projects.

Regarding its 2019 proposal campaign, The French Agency of Biomedicine has selected 10 projects among 109 initially submitted. Our technology e-Stella is one of these 10 projects which allowed us to obtain the maximum amount of fellowship possible, amounted to 40 000 €. This fellowship will allow us to improve our predictive and image processing algorithms, to develop a functional app that suits with the use of the physicians and to start our very first partnership with the team of Professor Olivier SCATTON from APHP.

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