SMICES has contributed to the creation of STELLA SURGICAL

STELLA SURGICAL was launched by surgeons, engineers and marketers to answer a problematic encountered on the field of practice. SMICES brought support to STELLA SURGICAL in its objective of developing, manufacturing and selling highly innovative, social and human oriented medical diapositives.

Did you know that more than 1 patient on 10 die every year because of the liver graft shortage?

To date, the method used in the liver grafts acceptance decision is based on graft’s biological, histological and visual data and on surgeon’s experience. The most relevant data in the context of liver transplantation is the steatosis level. When steatosis level is lower than 20% (liver suitable for transplantation) or over 60% (liver not suitable for transplantation) the surgeon can easily take a decision. However, complications arise when steatosis level ranges between 20 and 60% and as a result, thousands of grafts are discarded every year worldwide. Only liver with steatosis level ranging from 20 to 40% are suitable for transplant. To date, no technologies allow an accurate quantification of a liver graft and this is the reason why some liver grafts are judged as not suitable for transplantation even though they actually are. 

The use of advanced technologies led to the development of e-stella, a decision-making tool, first of its kind, represented by a smartphone app evaluating and quantifying liver graft quality through biological data and a single graft picture.

It allows reliable measurements obtained in real-time, during the donor surgery, in order to provide an instantaneous support in the graft acceptance decision-making process. e-Stella is equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate measurements. Our objective is the following: furnish a liver graft to those who would never have one in order to reduce the number of deaths on waiting list to 0 by 2024.

SMICES will support STELLA SURGICAL on a reglementary level as well on the expertise activity related to medical devices development. In addition, STELLA SURGICAL will benefit from the customers network developed by SMICES.

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