SMICES hatched at Montpellier BIC

After being supported by IMT Ales before its inception, SMICES has been hatched at the BIC (Business Innovation Centre) in Montpellier as of last 4 June.

What is the BIC?

  • It’s 30 years of innovation
  • A globally recognised incubator
  • A team of 20 people dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs

Economic and institutional partners, incubators, investors and business angels, universities, research, but also key accounts and clusters of competitiveness constitute a network of trust which has been woven over the years.

At the heart of this network, the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC accelerates the process of creating innovative companies and promotes their growth.

Number 2 in the world of global incubatorsaccording to the UBI Global ranking, partner of French Tech Montpellier, the BIC radiates Montpellier’s expertise in support for innovation around the world.

The BIC supports SMICES and offers a range of services fed by more than thirty years of experience: innovative acceleration devices, training, accommodation in nurseries specifically dedicated to young innovative companies as well as useful tools such as Montpellier Business Plan software.


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